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Smartport Lab
A place to co-create the port of the future

Welcome to Smartport Lab!

We are the open innovation area of the Port of Bahia Blanca. In cooperation with entrepreneurs, SMEs, and the scientific-technological system, we are looking forward to building a harbour ecosystem that is smarter, more efficient, sustainable and integrated with its community.

What We are Looking For

We are looking for Argentinian Startups and SMEs that may have a product or service with a great innovative component, a scalable business model, and a strong and committed team. Applicants must have a functional prototype and add value to any of our vertical integrations.


Smartport Lab Challenge 2021

Application closed

Small Vessel Monitoring Based on LoRa Technology

A small vessel (e.g., small scale fishing, tourism or sport) monitoring system is required. The system has to provide access to the vessel position and track its movements within the port and its access channels. Furthermore, the system must be based on a LoRa technology or a similar one.

Early Alert and Detection of Hydrocarbons in Water

The system has to track the presence of hydrocarbons in water in real-time, give warnings, provide information that allows predicting the water path, and help with the design of actions plans that minimize the impact on the environment.

Smart Marine Bollards

Marine bollards with sensors measuring real-time mooring line tension. The sensors will automatically and immediately indicate when the bolt connections are overloaded, instead of carrying out on-site monitoring. This has an impact on the efficiency and security of the operation while optimizing the predictive maintenance and accurately informing the use of the mooring areas.

Marine Power

Marine power is one of the forms of renewable energy that offers the greatest potential in the medium and long term in Argentina. Because of the features of the Bahia Blanca’s estuary, tidal and wind energy would have the best chance for success. We are looking forward to implementing prototypes in stand-alone units in the facilities of the Port of Bahia Blanca.

If you have a different solution for our challenge, please apply! We are interested in meeting you!

Apply Terms and Conditions

What We Have to Offer

The selected projects will be able to validate their product or service, acquire customers, and can also be launched on an international market supported by one of the most important deep-water ports of Latin America.

The programme includes a workspace within the port, weekly monitoring by our team, specialized mentorships, custom training, participation in exclusive events, and seed funding up to ARS 1,000,000.


  • Application

    Via our online form
    Application closed

  • Selection

    Our team together with specialists and authorities of the Port are going to evaluate the potential of the project.

  • Validation

    Once the contract is signed, the pilot trial with all costs covered will be implemented.

  • Expansion

    We will join you in the escalation process of the company.

We Need You!

We are convinced that the co-creation with agile and innovative start-ups and companies is essential to transform the Port and, in turn, make a positive impact on the country’s economic development.


Port of Bahia Blanca

The Port of Bahia Blanca is the main port complex of Argentina. It operates numerous loads from 14 terminals. It is placed on the principal transport hub of the gas and oil pipeline network. This allows the port to be the most important port and petrochemical complex of the country and the fifth of South America.